Welcome to Olive Egg Farm LLC


A Small, Sustainable Farm Located in Honeoye Falls, NY


We are a small pasture to plate farm that cooperates with nature to produce artisan products that are healthy, safe, nutritious and delicious. Care is given to ensure that all of our production practices are economically sound, ecologically sustainable, and that our animals are always humanely treated.

We are determined to conduct business in an honorable manner, for the sake of our animals, land stewardship, and the wonderful customers who eat our products.

We believe that self-sufficiency is paramount, and too many people depend on outside sources to provide their food.

We believe that food production shouldn’t include loud machinery, debt to the government or depletion of soil.

We believe that animals have a right to sunshine, grass, healthy nourishment, access to fresh water, the ability to raise their young, gentle handling and humane processing.

Our philosophy underpins everything we do. It determines how and what we eat every day. It determines how our animals are treated and how we treat each other.
Olive Egg Farm

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